Our Story…

Our Beginnings

Our story began as we started planning our own home renovations. As we weren’t in a rush, we took our time over three years, creating our own 3D drawing and ensuring that our money would be well spent. We were  consistently appalled at the retail price of quality brands – and after allocating a large chunk of our savings to our kitchen remodelling, we didn’t want to spend astronomical amounts on quality appliances. Not only that, but we found that there was a significantly smaller range of goods sold in stores than what was available in Europe. After months of research and communicating with different companies, we decided to share what we had learnt by giving you access to high quality goods, at the lowest possible price – lower than 50% retail price is what we aim for, though we exceed this target for many of our products.

We aim to provide you with a wide variety of options to help you find that perfect kitchen appliance at a favourable price point.

What Sets Us Apart – other than our low low prices

We had great difficulty in choosing which appliances to purchase for our remodelled home. Existing websites just didn’t have much information about what we would be spending our hard earned money on. Salespeople in stores weren’t able to tell us much about the appliances either. We aim to give you the best consumer experience you can have, by extracting relevant information from the manuals and official websites so that you will know what your hard earned money is giving you.

Our modern business model allows us to offer a much wider range of products on our website than others can. We regularly update our product list so that you can enjoy the lowest prices on the latest goods.

Have more questions about what we can do for you? Check out our FAQ page for more information.

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Richard Low
Richard Low
Excellent experience from start to end. Vivian and her team was attentive and responded very quickly to all my questions. I was initially a bit skeptical but no regrets given that the item has now arrived on time, and fuss free. If you are looking to save some money on the perfect household appliance you found on pinterest (in my case, it was a cooking hob), this is the right place to start.